Hanami, the Cherry Blossom Viewing

By now the expected full blossom has passed, but the practice of hanami, cherry blossom viewing parties, has been around since the 8th century Nara period in Japan. Originally designed for viewing ume, plum blossoms, the practice shifted to viewing sakura, cherry blossoms, in the Heian period in the 8th thru 12th centuries. With shelter-in-place in effect, some websites are hosting virtual hanami.

Sources: The Art of the Cherry Tree by Mizue Sawano [Sawano, M. (2006). The Art of the Cherry Tree. Brooklyn Botanic Garden. https://books.google.com/books?id=nHf8lxLOYsUC&pg=PA12&dq=Hanami+nara#v=onepage&q=Hanami%20nara&f=false ], The Times, Library of Congress
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (GNU Free Documentation License)
Virtual Hanami: Stars and Stripes Japan

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Sarah is a historian with a BA in History from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She mostly focuses on European and religious history, but also enjoys branching out to the rest of the world. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, with an end-goal of expanding digital archives (like this one!) to be as open-access and as widely available as possible.

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